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Fly or Die II: bird dogs of paradise LP

International Anthem
nr katalogowy IARC0027LP
dostępność: 48h

LP 89,90  

obi strip + 12 str. książeczka
FLY or DIE II: bird dogs of paradise is the much-anticipated follow-up to composer, trumpeter, and (now) singer jaimie branch's debut Fly or Die, which was dubbed one of the “Best Albums of 2017” by The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, NPR Music, WIRE, Stereogum, Aquarium Drunkard, and more. Written (mostly) while on her first European tour with Fly or Die in November 2018; and recorded (mostly) in studio at Total Refreshment Centre and live at Café OTO in London UK at the end of that tour, bird dogs of paradise is the result of a never-satisfied branch pushing her distinct style of progressive composition to new heights — while also stepping forward as a vocalist for the first time. “So much beauty lies in the abstract of instrumental music,” says branch in the album’s liner notes, “but being this ain’t a particularly beautiful time, I’ve chosen a more literal path. The voice is good for that.”

On the album’s epic opening opus “prayer for amerikkka pt.1 and 2” branch calls out “a bunch of wide-eyed racists” between searing trumpet ad libs atop a massive, down-tuned blues. On the album’s closing track “love song (for assholes & clowns)” she laughs in their faces - an unhinged, unflinching, mix of anger and humor paired with a classic shuffle beat. Between both ends is an...  more

jaimie branch – trumpet, voice, synths, sneaker squeaks, bells & whistles
Lester St. Louis – cello, percussion
Jason Ajemian – double bass, percussion, vocals
Chad Taylor – drums, mbira, xylophone

-with special guests-
Ben LaMar Gay – voice (on track 2)
Marvin Tate – voice (on track 2)
Matt Schneider – 12-string guitar (on track 2)
Dan Bitney – percussion, synthesizer (on track 8)
Scott McNiece – egg (on track 8)


A1 Birds Of Paradise
A2 Prayer For Amerikkka pt. 1 & 2
A3 Lesterlude
A4 Twenty-three N Me, Jupiter Redux
A5 Whales
B1 Simple Silver Surfer
B2 Bird Dogs Of Paradise
B3 Nuevo Roquero Estéreo
B4 Love Song