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Franz Ferdinand 2DVD

nr katalogowy DOMDVD002
dostępność: 48h

2DVD 29,90  

Ponad 4 1/2 godziny koncertowego materiału i nie tylko



Franz Ferdinand - Live
1 Michael (Brixton Academy, London)
2 Tell Her Tonight (Pianos, New York)
3 40ft (The Regency Grand, San Francisco)
4 Take Me Out (T In The Park, Scotland)
5 Cheating On You (Rock Werchter, Belgium)
6 Love And Destroy (The Avalon, Los Angeles)
7 The Dark Of The Matinée (T In The Park, Scotland)
8 Van Tango (The Regency Grand, San Francisco)
9 Auf Achse (Brixton Academy, London)
10 Come On Home (Barrowlands, Glasgow)
11 Darts Of Pleasure (The Regency Grand, San Francisco)
12 Shopping For Blood (Rock Werchter, Belgium)
13 Jacqueline (Barrowlands, Glasgow)
14 This Fire (The Avalon, Los Angeles)

Extras / Bonus Material
Tour De Franz
15 Tour Documentary

Karaoke Videos / Franz Karaoke
16 The Dark Of The Matinée
17 Take Me Out

CD ROM Feature
18 Original Band Website


Live At Brixton
1 Michael
2 Tell Her Tonight
3 40ft
4 Your Diary
5 Take Me Out
6 Cheating On You
7 The Dark Of The Matinée
8 I'm Your Villain
9 Van Tango
10 Auf Achse
11 Come On Home
12 Love And Destroy
13 Darts Of Pleasure
14 Shopping For Blood
15 This Boy
16 Jacqueline
17 This Fire

Live In San Francisco
18 Cheating On You
19 Tell Her Tonight
20 40ft
21 Van Tango
22 Auf Achse
23 The Dark Of The Matinée
24 Jacqueline
25 Love And Destroy
26 Take Me Out
27 Michael
28 Darts Of Pleasure
29 Shopping For Blood
30 Come On Home
31 This Fire

Bonus Tracks

32 Take Me Out (Splendour In The Grass Festival, Byron Bay)
33 The Dark Of The Matinée (Auckland)
34 Can't Stop Feeling (Auckland)