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Okyerema Asante

LP 77,90 PLN
Kalita Records are extremely excited to make available once more Okyerema Asante's highly sought-after Ghanaian disc...


If You Need Me, Call Me LP
LP 75,90 PLN
Record Store Day 2019 Edition

Nana Tuffour

Sikyi Medley 12"
12" 51,90 PLN
Kalita Records and CC:EDITIONS jointly announce a 12” EP comprised of four of Nana Tuffour’s greatest electr...

Marcy Luarks & Classic Touch

Electric Murder LP
LP 86,90 PLN

Stirling March

Under Cover Lover 12"
12" 49,90 PLN
...one of the best Caribbean boogie tracks to ever be put to wax

Steel City Connection

Steel City Disco
12" 52,90 PLN
*Kalita* are delighted to announce their next release, *Steel City Connection's *1978 single '*Steel City Disco*...