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Okyerema Asante

LP 77,90 PLN
Kalita Records are extremely excited to make available once more Okyerema Asante's highly sought-after Ghanaian disc...


If You Need Me, Call Me LP
LP 75,90 PLN
Record Store Day 2019 Edition

Steel City Connection

Steel City Disco
12" 52,90 PLN
*Kalita* are delighted to announce their next release, *Steel City Connection's *1978 single '*Steel City Disco*...

Nana Tuffour

Sikyi Medley 12"
12" 51,90 PLN
Kalita Records and CC:EDITIONS jointly announce a 12” EP comprised of four of Nana Tuffour’s greatest electr...

Marcy Luarks & Classic Touch

Electric Murder LP
LP 86,90 PLN

Stirling March

Under Cover Lover 12"
12" 49,90 PLN
...one of the best Caribbean boogie tracks to ever be put to wax