Tides LP
LP 112,90 PLN

Ellis Swan

3am LP
LP 99,90 PLN

Marco Gomes

Week LP
LP 114,90 PLN


Brainfeeder X 2CD
2CD 62,90 PLN
A 36 track compilation showcasing the past, present and future of the label. Includes 22 previously unreleased tracks


Salò 2LP
2LP 189,90 PLN

Lee Bannon

Pattern of Excel LP
LP 84,90 PLN
Jak wspomina w ostatnich wywiadach w czasie nagrań często słuchał m.in. starych płyt GOLDIE’GO i COIL.


CD 52,90 PLN
Nowy projekt WOLFGANGA VOIGTA /m.in Gas, Mike Ink/ oraz JORGA BURGERA /The Modernist, Triola, Cologna Tape/


Velvet Desert Music Vol. 1 2LP
2LP 94,90 PLN
Velvet Desert Music Vol.1 features unreleased music and mixes from Matias Aguayo, Fantastic Twins, Paulor, Rebolledo, Sa...

Olafur Arnalds

LateNightTales 2LP
2LP 92,90 PLN
Ólafur Arnalds Late Night Tales takes you on a voyage through modern and classical composition, post-dubstep and...