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Ryo Fukui

Scenery LP
LP 108,90 PLN
"Scenery" to absolutne jazzowe arcydzieło autorstwa Ryo Fukui, wybitnego japońskiego pianisty.

Porter Ricks

Biokinetics 2LP
2LP 123,90 PLN
First Album of Legendary project Porter Ricks


CD 44,90 PLN

Jaimie Branch

2LP 114,90 PLN
“I think this is like the best that we've ever played.” - jaimie branch

Kamasi Washington

The Epic 3CD
3CD 72,90 PLN
Uwaga, wielkie wydarzenie w świecie jazzu!!


Placid 2LP
2LP 111,90 PLN

Fanfara Awantura

Prawdziwie Polskie Techno / True Polish Techno
CD 21,90 PLN
Polskie melodie ludowe w rytmach techno, na dodatek zagrane przez orkiestrę dętą!?


Dehli9 4LP
4LP 160,90 PLN


CD 45,90 PLN
Coldcut we współparcy z muzykami z Południowej Afryki oraz legendami: Tony’m Allenem czy The Watts Prophets...

Hania Rani

CD 54,90 PLN

Tumi Mogorosi

Group Theory: Black Music LP
LP 103,90 PLN
“Absolutely Brilliant” Gilles Peterson (BBC6 Music Radio)


CD 44,90 PLN
“Chromowana podróż do innego świata” - tymi słowami ACTRESS określa swój najnowszy album.

Greg Foat

Symphonie Pacifique
CD 57,90 PLN
‘Symphonie Pacifique’ marks another major step forward in Foat’s evolution as one of the UK’s le...


Osam 2LP
2LP 122,90 PLN

A.R. Kane

Americana 2LP RSD 2022
2LP 130,90 PLN
RSD 2022 - “the great lost group of the 80s” - Simon Reynolds

Winged Victory For The Sullen

The Undivided Five
CD 44,90 PLN
The pair, made up of Dustin O’Halloran and Adam Wiltzie (Stars Of The Lid), have created iconic film scores and fo...


Tides LP
LP 112,90 PLN

Various (Mike D)

Brazil 45 Vol.4 BOXSET 2023 RSD
5x7" 156,90 PLN


Kossaiko LP
LP 114,90 PLN

Marco Gomes

Week LP
LP 114,90 PLN

Domenico + 2

Sincerely Hot LP
LP 103,90 PLN
“…marrying stuttering electronic beats, favela hip – hop ,and Ernie Isley-style psychedelia to the us...


Gumba Fire: Bubblegum Soul & Synth​-​Boogie In 1980s South Africa
CD 48,90 PLN
"The real, real sounds of South Africa" MOJO

Last Exit

Iron Path LP
LP 110,90 PLN
Last Exit : Bill Laswell, Peter Brötzmann, Ronald Shannon Jackson, Sonny Sharrock


Sky Girl 2LP
2LP 117,90 PLN


Brainfeeder X 2CD
2CD 62,90 PLN
A 36 track compilation showcasing the past, present and future of the label. Includes 22 previously unreleased tracks

Echo Collective

Echo Collective Plays Amnesiac
CD 52,90 PLN
Orkiestrowa reinterpretacja albumu "Amnesiac" RADIOHEAD.

Ellis Swan

3am LP
LP 99,90 PLN

Coma World

Coma World LP
LP 89,90 PLN
Coma World is a new collaboration between Maxwell Hallett, a.k.a. Betamax (The Comet Is Coming / Soccer96) and Pete Benn...

DJ Koze

DJ-Kicks 2LP
2LP 116,90 PLN


The Time For Peace Is Now
CD 47,90 PLN
The Time For Peace Is Now compiles fourteen songs that, while recorded over four decades ago, speak now more than ever....


The Air Between Words
CD 43,90 PLN
Trzeci i najlepszy album holenderskiego producenta. Wśród zaproszonych gosci FOUR TET i Inga Copeland (HYPE...


U Know Warsoul 12"
12" 50,90 PLN
Jednak ta wyj�tkowa, 4-nagraniowa kompilacja to nie tylko ho�d z�o�ony Maceo Wyro.


CD 52,90 PLN
Nowy projekt WOLFGANGA VOIGTA / Gas, Mike Ink/ oraz JORGA BURGERA /The Modernist, Triola, Cologna Tape/


Salò 2LP
2LP 189,90 PLN

Alhousseini Anivolla & Girum Mezmur

CD 55,90 PLN
Desert blues man Alhousseini Anivolla meets Ethio-jazz guitarist Girum Mezmur

Lee Bannon

Pattern of Excel LP
LP 84,90 PLN
Jak wspomina w ostatnich wywiadach w czasie nagrań często słuchał starych płyt GOLDIE’GO i COIL.

Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang

En Yay Sah' LP
LP 105,90 PLN
Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang create a hybrid of traditional Sierra Leone music and 70's psych. With the urgency a...

Lost Girls

Menneskekollektivet LP
LP 127,90 PLN
Norwegian duo LOST GIRLS, artist and writer JENNY HVAL and multi-instrumentalist HAVARD VOLDEN, release their first...


Dig And Edit 2LP
2LP 125,90 PLN

Metá Metá

Metal Metal LP
LP 87,90 PLN


Soul Love Now: The Black Fire Records Story 1975​-​1993 2LP
2LP 107,90 PLN
Classics and rarities from the seminal spiritual jazz and conscious soul label BLACK FIRE

Maayan Nidam

Sea Of Thee 2LP
2LP 96,90 PLN
Welcome to Maayan Nidam's realm of Tech Blues


Sweetest Taboo (Soca) 12"
12" 51,90 PLN
Soundway Records re-issue the massively in-demand Soca cover-version of Sade's classic cut "Sweetest Taboo"...


Diaspora EP 12"
12" 59,90 PLN

King Kong Paradise

Atsusa Mo Samusamo…LP
LP 99,90 PLN
an anomaly that sticks out in johnny’s disk’s catalogue, the rare record may appeal more to new wave, reggae...

Tenesha The Wordsmith

Peacocks & Other Savage Beasts
CD 50,90 PLN
...hard-cutting, gut-wrenching, and extremely moving spoken word album produced by Khalab that brings together diff...


Amor Fati LP
LP 108,90 PLN
Cós dla fanów słynnych sesji Kruder & Dorfmeister i złotej ery downbeatu / downtempo


Velvet Desert Music Vol. 1 2LP
2LP 94,90 PLN
Velvet Desert Music Vol.1 features unreleased music and mixes from Matias Aguayo, Fantastic Twins, Paulor, Rebolledo, Sa...


Keleketla! 2LP
2LP 90,90 PLN
Coldcut we współparcy z muzykami z Południowej Afryki oraz legendami: Tony’m Allenem czy The Watts Prophets...

Os Novos Baianos

Acabou Chorare LP
LP 99,90 PLN
** Voted No. 1 in the ‘Top 100 Brazilian Albums Ever’ in Rolling Stone Magazine, Brazil **

Os Novos Baianos

Acabou Chorare
CD 44,90 PLN
** Voted No. 1 in the ‘Top 100 Brazilian Albums Ever’ in Rolling Stone Magazine, Brazil **

Louis Cole

CD 44,90 PLN

Gigi Masin

Calypso 2LP
2LP 123,90 PLN
...Masin now is close to reaching his rightful place alongside giants like Brian Eno, Laurie Spiegel, Ryuichi Sakamoto,...